We are pretty excited to be living at The Residences at Seashore Point! We were one of the first couples to reserve our home in phase two.  We've enjoyed building the relationships with our new neighbors as well as the staff, who treat us like family.  We love the secure feeling, knowing that should our physical needs ever change, there is a long list of services available to meet those needs.  Let us know when you want to come visit us in our new home and see for yourself.  We know you’re going to love it as much as we do!

- Joanne and Marilyn

A few years ago, I found myself living alone and decided it was time to downsize from my large house. With Provincetown as my destination, I came upon The Residences at Seashore Point quite by chance.  Here I was warmly greeted by the staff and director, as well as introduced to some of the residents. I was greatly impressed by all the community had to offer (exercise machinery and classes, laundry facilities, regular concerts and get-togethers) and a well-run nursing facility if needed. I moved into a small apartment within a few weeks and began my new life of ease. Recently, the Resident Association has elected new representatives who will address improvements and issues that may arise in the future, assuring us that life at The Residences at Seashore Point will remain at a high standard.

– June, Resident

At almost 82 years old and with numerous controlled health problems, moving to The Residences at Seashore Point is one of my best life decisions.  It is a wonderful place: a great staff who always “have your back” in all the important ways, many residents who are terrific people and neighbors, and a beautiful setting and community.  It is filled with a bunch of folks with competence and integrity in dealing with my well-being.  I am indeed fortunate to have come here and happily live here!

– Bill, Resident

Provincetown and The Residences at Seashore Point make an incredible combination.  Provincetown is a summer resort surrounded by beautiful beaches, a year round art and cultural center with year round access to the National Seashore with its unique habitat.  The Residences at Seashore Point is pet-friendly, has a skilled nursing center and rehab facility on site, an extensive art collection on loan and on site, and a dedicated helpful and attentive staff that insure that the residents enjoy independent living.

– Burt, Resident

Why I Like Living at The Residences at Seashore Point – I love watching the seagulls as they soar past my windows, riding invisible currents of air.  The halls are lined with first-class art work – paintings and sculptures – so I feel like I’m living in an art museum.  When the snow is blizzarding down, it is comforting to know that my car will be shoveled out by someone else – not me.  Best of all is the helpfulness and kindness of everyone on the staff.         

– Linton, Resident