Seashore Point Programs

Upcoming Programs

Classical Music for String Trio

Please join the Truro Trio for a casual classical concert of pieces from the classical, baroque, and 20th century eras.  Violinist Katharine Baker, clinical social worker; violist Ed Miller, Provincetown Banner editor; and cellist Laura Geiges, Truro’s Assistant Assessor will play Bach, Schubert, Mozart, Beethoven and Dohnanyi.


Peter Donnelly and John Richardson Perform!

Two established Provincetown performers, Peter Donnelly (Coffeehouse at the Mews) and Jon Richardson (Tin Pan Alley) have joined together for a memorable presentation of original and popular music.  These seasoned and very talented songwriters and entertainers combine beautiful vocal harmonies and multiple instrumentation to create a mesmerizing acoustic performance.  

Past Programs

A Trip into the Heart of the Sahara Desert

In 2006, world traveler Buddy Perkel went on a fascinating expedition of the Sahara. His group spent weeks with the Tuaregs, the blue people of the desert, whose lives are essentially unchanged from that of their ancestors. They then searched for and found the Bororo nomads and continued on spending time with the Taneka and Samba tribes of Benin and the Hauser horse warriors of Togo. All this was captured in the photos that will be at the core of Buddy's talk.

Brrrrrrr-ds. The Feathered Winter Storm-troopers!

Stephanie Ellis, Executive Director of Wild Care, Inc

Ever wonder why ducks don't freeze into ponds? Why so many birds spend the winter here instead of going south? Join Stephanie Ellis, Executive Director of Wild Care, Inc as she gives this informative talk on how birds survive frigid winter temperatures and storms. The presentation will also include ways that wildlife stay warm in the winter on Cape Cod.


History of Landscape Painting in Provincetown

With John Peters-Campbell

In the middle of the nineteenth century, landscape painting became the dominant genre in the US. But painters didn't come to Provincetown until almost fifty years later, even when there was a thriving tradition of seascapes in other parts of Massachusetts.  Why? And what changed to make Provincetown the first art colony in the US just a generation later? Peters-Campbell, an art historian and former university professor specializing in nineteenth century painting and photography, will address these topics with a range of images from Provincetown and beyond.

Michael Casey Presents On a Clear Day!

Join Michael Casey once again as he celebrates the recent 100th birthday of Alan Jay Lerner with his 1960’s musical “On a Clear Day You Can See Forever”. Hear the score that features Barbara Harris in her iconic role as Daisy Gamble.

A Century of Creativity: The Collection of the Provincetown Art Association and Museum With Robert E. Eaton

Provincetown art collector Robert E. Eaton will be giving a presentation of his private collection that is currently on loan from PAAM here at The Residences. His talk will focus on works by Charles James Martin who was a professor of art at Columbia University, Albert Edel whose etchings tell the story of the fishing village at the tip of Cape Cod, and John C. Hare, called Provincetown’s dean of watercolorists. Refreshments will be served.

Capturing the Truro Light-What Edward Hopper Chose to Paint With Beth Chapman

This illustrated talk by Lisbeth Wiley Chapman, founder of Hopper House Tours, covers Hopper’s work in the 1930s and early 1940s.  She will discuss more than 50 of Edward Hopper's paintings of the treeless Truro landscape, its homes and its railroad.   Over the past six years Beth has driven more than 1000 guests to hidden places and back roads that Hopper knew well.  

Jim Brosseau Presents!

Jim Brosseau Presents

“A Holiday Break with Jim & Friends”

Having "Jingle Bells" overload?  Enjoy some American Songbook selections—along with a few seasonal favorites—from a host of talented vocalists!  Pianist and composer Jim Brosseau accompanies the best of Provincetown's singers in a program of Christmastime and all-time classics.  Refreshments will be served.

Hatches Harbor Exhibitions Presents

Many Provincetown artists make their home in The Residences at Seashore Point. Among them are Lorraine Kujawa, Richard Pepitone, Carol Procter, Marilyn Lober-Colucci, Diana Lu, Anne MacAdam and others. Just in time for the holidays, we will open a show of their works in the same exhibition space that has recently hosted shows by Kenneth Stubbs, Robert Henry, Joan Cobb Marsh, and other renowned artists. Refreshments will be served.

Greek Revival Architecture of Provincetown

Join historian Stephen Jerome on a visual tour of the Greek Revival style that forms so much of the special character of Provincetown. The Greek Revival is well represented in Provincetown, from Classical doorway surrounds to imposing public buildings on Commercial Street. Often hidden under commercial alterations and other changes, this talk will illuminate local examples, and their relationship to regional and national trends of the 1820 - 1860 period in American architecture.



Tuesday, November 27, 4pm

Please join us in welcoming John Thomas, pianist and composer, back again for his new performance “Music Without Borders” featuring musical pieces and styles from all around the world. John has played and performed on pianos since he was a child. He is known for his wide-ranging versality of musical styles: classical, Broadway, New Orleans, film scores, boogie woogie, jazz, Bulgarian and Balkan traditional melodies. He has performed with musicians in Provincetown, Cape Cod, Boston, New Orleans, New York City, Bulgaria, France, Greece, Mexico and Nepal. Come and enjoy a delightful hour of music, history and humor!



The Influence of Jazz on Art

Robin J. Miller, Educator & Resident Artist at Zion Union Heritage Museum

The Influence of Jazz onArt

Tuesday, November 13, 2-3:30pm

We are proud to present Robin J. Miller, an award-winning retired NYC educator, curriculum developer, poet, author, public speaker and visual artist focusing on African American Heritage themes to present an entertaining program on The Influence of Jazz on ART.  Visual imagery, poetry and a jazz performance on film explore how jazz inspired the work of master artists including Faith Ringgold, Henri Matisse, William H. Johnson, Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock, and Romare Bearden. Robinresides in New York City and Cape Cod where she is a resident artist at the Zion Union Heritage Museum.


Historical Architecture of Provincetown

Historical Architecture of Provincetown

Stephen Jerome, Historian

Thursday, October 25, 4:30pm in the

Hatches Harbor Room


The architecture of Provincetown spans nearly three centuries and is characterized by myriad shapes, sizes and styles.  Join architectural and social historian Stephen Jerome on a visual tour of the built environment that forms so much of the special character of Provincetown, locale of the largest local historic district in Massachusetts.

The past, present and future protection of the town's endangered historic resources will be addressed in Stephen's presentation.


JANE PARADISE: Classic Ptown and the Disappearing Herring Cove

A collaboration between The Residences at Seashore Point and Alden Gallery, this exhibition of photographs depicts the enduring spirit of Provincetown and chronicles the loss of the beloved Herring Cove west beach parking lot. A Provincetown based photographic artist, Paradise captures the profound and intimate connections between people and environments, whether momentary or permanent. The reception will include a gallery talk by gallerist and curator Howard Karren. All events are free and open to the public. Libations and nosh will be served. The exhibition opens September 19th and continues through 15 November 2018.


Boston Victorian Architecture Stephen Jerome, Historian

In 1931, the photographer Walker Evans (1903-1975), later famous for his work documenting the effects of the Depression for the Farm Security Administration (FSA), joined Lincoln Kirstein (1907-1996), his early promoter, and architect/poet John Wheelwright (1897-1940) in a project to photograph Victorian architecture for a book Wheelwright was writing on this subject.  Many of the resulting iconic images are in the permanent collections of museums. Join Stephen Jerome, Boston architectural and social historian, for a slideshow about this rare archive of Victorian architecture and the three luminaries behind it.

Autumn Equinox Hedgehog Invasion

The Hedgehogs are an acoustic combo, playing songs of the British Invasion. These are the songs we've loved since we were kids—Beatles, Kinks, Honeycombs—with all of the honeyed harmonies, clever lyrics, unbeatable backbeat, and electric energy of early rock, and none of the headaches.

 Guitarist Dan Cuetara and bassist Chuck Vath have long musical careers in Boston bands from ska to jazz to Puritan choral singing. But in 2016 they joined forces to travel back to the songs that started their hearts thumping to the British beat. The duo tapped singer Ellen "El Camino" Camloh for her uncanny harmonizing and harmonica, and rounded out the combo with percussion from Sarah Goodman and back up vocals from Katha Washburn. All five hedgehogs roll out from their Boston-area burrows to play farmers markets, porchfests, libraries and other friendly gatherings.

An Afternoon of Song and Piano Jonathan Joseph Richardson

Singer, piano player, songwriter, and entertainer Jonathan Joseph Richardson has become a local favorite in piano bars across New England.  Soon after earning his Master’s from Boston’s New England Conservatory (NEC), he won two coveted jobs as a featured performer at Provincetown’s Tin Pan Alley and in Ogunquit’s legendary piano bar, The Front Porch. Jon lives in Provincetown, where he’s building a recording studio and working on his second album.


Tom Leidenfrost, accordionist and singer!

Tom Leidenfrost is an accordionist, singer, and actor living on Cape Cod. He has been performing music and theatre over the past 5 years locally and abroad. This September he will be performing a variety of songs from his repertoire at Seashore Point. His performance will consist of an array of genres including American Standards, Gypsy Swing, Irish and European folk music, and more! Please join us!

RICHARD RENÉ SILVIN NOBLESSE OBLIGE, the Duchess of Windsor as I Knew Her


Silvin’s mother was a friend of Wallis Simpson during the abdication crisis in 1936, and he later ran the famous American Hospital of Paris, which was the sole beneficiary of the duchess’ estate. These two events position him to know of many untold stories about the Windors, whom he calls the “King and Queen of international high society.”


In this new version of Silvin’s presentation, he will reveal untold details about the Windsors, and several of their friends’ infamous and dramatic lives. This includes the contentious custody suit for “Little” Gloria Vanderbilt; the brutal, unsolved death of Sir Harry Oakes; William Woodward’s death at the hand of his infamous wife, Ann; and how Maître Blum, the sole executor of the duchess’ estate, abused the dying duchess.


For the first time, Silvin will disclose how Aristotle Onassis died under strange circumstances at the American Hospital. This includes glimpses of how the “Golden Greek’s” widow, Jackie Kennedy and daughter, Christina, behaved in the weeks leading up to Ari’s death, and how the duchess saved Silvin’s career when he exposed the sordid details.


The audience will be transported into a story only the duchess’ unlikely protégé could reveal, while he gives a new view of what he calls “the unfairly demonized duchess.”



Join members of the Swim for Life Team for a kick-off celebration and reception for the 31st Swim for Life. For three decades, in one of the largest natural harbors in the world, thousands of swimmers braved its unpredictable waters raising $5M for AIDS, women’s health and the community. Celebrating its 31st year, this quintessential Provincetown tradition symbolizes the heroic efforts of a community devastated by the pandemic and its unequivocal response to it. The Swim for Life & Paddler Flotilla (a 1.4 mile swim), sponsored by the Provincetown Community Compact, has become a catalyst for a nurturing community, offering connectedness, healthy exercise and continuity for those who return year after year.


A collaboration between The Residences at Seashore Point and The Bakker Project, this exhibition of paintings by 13 Women Artists Worth Watching includes artworks by historic Provincetown artists Maude Ainslie, Evelin Bourne, Florence Brillinger, Nancy Ferguson, Susan Flint, Dorothy Lake Gregory, Dolly Lewis, Dorothy Loeb, Henrietta Mears, Jane Mumford, Mary Spencer Nay, Margaret Patterson and Olga Sears. The exhibition will open in the Hatches Harbor Room at The Residences at Seashore Point, 100 Alden Street, Provincetown on Wednesday, August 8, 2018. A public reception beginning at 4pm marks the occasion and includes a gallery talk by gallerist Jim Bakker. Refreshments will be served.


Jim Bakker has always been a champion for women artists. This exhibition celebrates 13 women artists from the Bakker Collection. Several of these artists are additionally featured among over two hundred works of art from his collection currently gracing the hallways in The Residences at Seashore Point for the last ten years. Often neglected in the shadows of their male counterparts and unrecognized for their talent, these artists were just as much responsible for the longevity and popularity of Provincetown as a vibrant art colony. Join us for the reception to celebrate them!


Hatches Harbor Exhibitions is a collaborative project between The Residences at Seashore Point and local art galleries to promote seasoned Provincetown artists and present unique exhibitions of work of interest to the residents at Seashore Point and to the community of outer Cape Cod.




The Outer Cape Chorale Chamber Singers under the direction of Allison Beavan, is an acapella ensemble of 16 voices.  This enthusiastic, fun-loving group promises to provide a memorable evening for audiences of all ages. Come enjoy their concert of upbeat love songs from all genres that range from the sublime to the ridiculous!  



In a beautifully illustrated, story-telling fashion, Dr. Versteeg discusses the ups and downs of growing up gay in the 20th and 21st centuries, including some real-life current day anecdotes. Dr. Versteeg obtained his doctorate in social work by including some of the LGBT people living at Seashore Point in his research. With humor and personal stories this presentation explores the changes LGBT communities have experienced.


Brenda Silva is a Provincetown native whose paintings reflect her heritage: the fishing fleet, seascapes, dunescapes and local scenes. Self-taught, her signature use of vibrant color often translates into paintings that are atmospheric, reflective, quiet. Join us to celebrate the opening reception with light refreshments. The exhibition runs through July 15.


Take a delightful journey with John as he tells amusing anecdotes and plays music through all of the eras of the piano’s evolution: Baroque, classical, romantic and modern. He is known for his wide-ranging versality of musical styles including classical, Broadway, New Orleans, film scores, jazz and more! Come and enjoy a delightful hour of music, history and humor on a fine summer afternoon.

CJAZZ! With Bart Weisman

The Cape Conservatory CJAZZ program enables young musicians a chance to play jazz standards just like the professionals on a bandstand.  Comfortable with improvisation, performing in a recital, and having fun while they play, CJAZZ ensembles play all styles of jazz-bebop, swing, Latin, 3/4, smooth and standards. These groups have performed concerts and even at Governor Baker’s inaugural celebration.  Join us as this talented group of students performs: Lucy Pollock on sax, Keb Hutchings-McMahon on guitar, Patrick Igoe on bass and Bart Weisman accompanying them on drums. Program Director Bart Weisman is the bandleader, and is a well-known Cape Cod jazz musician and concert producer.



Sherlock Holmes is a fictional private detective created by British author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Holmes is famously known for his proficiency with observation, forensic science, and logical reasoning that borders on the fantastic, which he employs when investigating cases for a wide variety of clients, including Scotland Yard. Directed by Stuard M. Derrick, this special birthday anniversary event (the reading will actually take place on the birthday of Sherlock Holmes and Conan Doyle) will feature Mike Rogers as Holmes, Bill Salem as Dr. Watson, and a fantastic cast of Cape actors playing villains, damsels in distress, and the "Baker Street irregulars." Join Stuard and his cast of characters for this theatrical reading that will be both entertaining and evocative. The game is on!

Out of Africa! A Unique Percussion Concert for all Ages

Two Cape Cod percussionists with very different backgrounds have come together to create the “Out of Africa” project - a collaborative performance which showcases the marimba and world drumming.   Amy Lynn Barber is a classically trained percussionist and marimbist, who has had an international performing career as a soloist, in chamber music, and in orchestras. Sam Holmstock is a well-known musician and co-founder of the successful fusion group ENTRAIN, who devotes himself to using world drumming for health and healing.  There will be opportunities for audience participation, and information will be shared about the instruments and the different musical styles. This event will surely have you dancing in your seats!

The Outermost Cape: Encountering Time

Vivien Goldman and Marian Leah Knapp

The Outermost Cape: Encountering Time is a conversation in word and image comprised of Vivien’s evocative Cape Cod photos and Marian’s reflections on what these photographs represent for her. Vivien is a fine art photographer who has exhibited her work in group and solo shows nationally and internationally. Marian’s three books reflect the process of human aging, caring for people and things we love, and the fragility of our environment. You will not want to miss this beautiful and heart-warming presentation!

How We Went to the Moon with Don German

Join Don German, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Solar System Ambassador on Outer Cape Cod, for a fun and fascinating presentation on the Apollo 11 spaceflight that landed the first two humans on the moon. As part of the presentation Don will bring along three models: 2 Saturn V rockets, one of which is 43.5 inches tall with clear sections allowing the viewer to see inside; and another model that comes apart as we progress on the journey to the moon and final return to Earth. Don’s presentation and participants’ questions are always stimulating.  A great wat to spend the evening!



Donald Beal digs deep into the medium of paint searching for form and color. He wipes, scrapes and repaints his way to the dogs, trees, brooks, figures and flowers that populate his paintings. As the art historian Anna Dempsey writes, “Though the artist depicts the power of nature, his work does not simply document it. Rather, Beal’s landscapes illuminate a conversation between humanity and the natural world...” Beal studied at the Swain School of Design, and the Parsons School of Design with masters Paul Resika and Leland Bell. Beal is a Professor of Fine Arts at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, a 2013 Lillian Orlowsky William Freed Fellow at PAAM, and is represented by the Berta Walker Gallery. Join us for the artist’s talk. Libations & nosh!

Celebration of The Provincetown Theater’s 2018 Season

You are invited to celebrate The Provincetown Theater’s 2018 season opening!  The event will feature a presentation by Obie Award winning David Drake, the Theater’s new Artistic Director, as well as a theatrical reading excerpted from a revival of Kaufman & Hart’s Pulitzer Prize-winning comedy You Can’t Take It With You which opens at the Theater on May 17. Drake, who teaches at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, previously directed productions of Our Town, The Weight of Water, and The Importance of Being Earnest at The Provincetown Theater. Libations and nosh will be served.

Barbara Cook, an American Treasure!

Michael Casey joins us once again to share the life and times of Barbara Cook. The Tony award winning Cook is best-loved and remembered for her work on the Broadway stage. An amazing singer and refreshingly impulsive actress, she made her debut at age 23 in the musical Flahooley. Roles in Plain and Fancy and the most famous flop of all time "Candide" followed. In 1957, she created her most famous role as Marion Paroo opposite Robert Preston in The Music Man. After retiring from musical theater she emerged as a dynamite cabaret singer.

It’s National Poetry Month!

National Poetry Month was inaugurated by the Academy of American Poets in 1996. Over the years, it has become the largest literary celebration in the world with schools, publishers, libraries, booksellers, and poets celebrating poetry’s vital place in our culture. Please join us to hear readings by talented poets including Seashore Point residents Hilde Oleson and Lorraine Kujawa, Lucile Burt, winner of the 2012 Philbrick Poetry Project Award, along with Melanie Braverman, Development and Cultural Director of the Alzheimer’s Family Support Center of Cape Cod. This event will inspire you to keep celebrating poetry all year long!

Spring Peepers - Of the Feathered Kind

Spring is upon us, and with it comes baby birds! Join Stephanie Ellis, Executive Director of Wild Care, Inc. for a special opportunity to learn about wildlife rehabilitation, what to do if YOU find an orphaned bird in your backyard, and how to prevent baby bird "kidnapping.” Wild Care, Inc. is a nonprofit wildlife hospital dedicated to the rescue and release of injured and orphaned wildlife that rehabilitates over 1,700 animals per year. Stephanie will also have a special guest, a rehabilitated Eastern Screech Owl.  Join her for this fun and fascinating talk!


Be well informed!  Please join us to get a preview of the warrant articles in advance of the Annual Town Meeting on April 2.  You will also have the opportunity to ask questions with the Selectmen and Town Manager. The Provincetown Senior Center will provide rides to seniors who call 508-487-7080 by Monday March 19


Pianist Jim Brosseau returns to accompany a number of Provincetown’s favorite singers in a pop, Broadway and American Songbook concert to welcome spring! An award-winning journalist, Jim has been entertaining here for over seven years. He has also played piano at clubs in New York and Provincetown. Please join us for this entertaining musical event!


Julie Charland and Denya LeVine perform wild contemporary Irish songs, traditional ballads, and lively jigs and reels, with a pinch of poetry and comedy. They play guitar, fiddle, Irish drum, and ukuleles, and their vocal harmonies sparkle with joyous energy. Julie is a Nashville recording artist, award-winning songwriter, and local folk and bluegrass musician with the band Toast and Jam. Denya’s performed on Cape Cod with many folk and Celtic bands for 35 years. You won’t want to miss this lively show that is engaging and whimsical!

The Brain’s Role in Sickness and in Health

A fascinating workshop exploring the relationship between illness and the brain including stress, autoimmune illness, depression, anxiety and trauma. What is “Brain Fog”? Is it just age that causes memory loss? What is the relationship between our gut and our brain? Explore these and many other questions regarding your brain and your health.



Treat yourself to this entertaining event! Traveling minstrel, pianist and accordion virtuoso, Terri Conti shares songs from around the world and stories about her journeys. The event includes some sing-a-longs!

The ABC's and Benefits of Physical Activity

This class is sure to be fun!  It’s an interactive experience that benefits bone health, creativity, diabetes, etc.  Learn the best type of exercise for specific ailments.  Get motivated and improve your health and social life!  Donna Hardy, Physical Therapist with Visiting Nurse Association will be leading the class.  All ages are welcome.

Gray Seal Breeding Cycle

Join Lisa Sette from the Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies for a fascinating talk on the pupping and breeding cycle of gray seals here and around the Cape and Islands. Lisa’s presentation also provides general natural history information on gray seals.

Michael Casey Presents Mack & Mabel

Please join Michael Casey, host of the musical theater program 'Footlights' on WOMR, for a discussion of Jerry Herman's forgotten classic from 1974, Mack & Mabel.  Hear musical numbers from Robert Preston and Bernadette Peters as silent screen pioneers Mack Sennett & Mabel Normand.

Hatches Harbor Exhibitions Presents Mike Wright: Scrap Works

    She walks Provincetown beaches and streets searching for painted wood, and in the studio, pulls old nails, sorts and stacks the wood according to color while waiting for it to tell her what it wants to be. Her subject matter—the sea, fishing vessels, architecture, still life—along with inspiration from early Provincetown Modernists.  Mike Wright says, “The point of using found wood is that, as debris, it seems unpromising. But that lack of promise is also its appeal. The peeling paint, the color scrubbed by sand, salt waves, or human use allows you to infer the influence of its life as a boat, floorboard or table. I interfere with what it originally was and make it something else: a sculpture that includes some aspect or detail from its archeological memory.” She is the recent recipient of a Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant; has works in the collections of Provincetown Art Association and Museum, Cape Cod Museum of Art, and many private collections; and is represented by Alden Gallery in Provincetown. Refreshments will be served.

Peter Gerler Presents Dixieland: Roots to Rebirth

Dixieland began as just music on the dirt streets of New Orleans.  It was a confluence of many styles: brass band marches, work songs, popular melodies, dance tunes, street corner blues—even opera. When ragtime appeared, so did syncopation: the rhythm became “ragged.” That was a century ago, and today this fundamental American music has re-emerged in force. This one-hour talk starts with the very first jazz recording (1917), by the Original Dixieland Jass Band, then moves through the great early jazz masters—Louis Armstrong, King Oliver, Kid Ory, Jelly Roll Morton, Bix Beiderbecke, Earl Hines, Eddie Condon—then to the present day with players like Woody Allen, the New Black Eagle Jazz Band, and others.

Hanukkah Money

Stuard M. Derrick Presents

A Theatrical Reading of “ Hanukkah  Money”

Join us to hear Sholem Aleichem’s hilarious short story  Hanukkah  Money, a delightful holiday tale of two young brothers wondering how much money they will receive from their relatives for  Hanukkah.  Actor, writer and director Stuard Derrick choreographs the reading along with a cast of 15 Provincetown and Cape actors playing the parts.  In keeping with the spirit of the evening, Klezmer music will be played by popular Cape musician Denya LeVine.  Stuard Derrick studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Columbia University and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art Summer Shakespeare Session in London.  He also wrote for the Columbia University Spectator in New York, and directed, produced and acted in numerous plays with the Provincetown Theater Company.  Refreshments will be served.

A Reading with Robert Finch

ROBERT FINCH: The Outer Beach

reading and book signing

Join us as Cape Cod author Robert Finch reads excerpts from his recent book The Outer Beach, A Thousand-Mile Walk on Cape Cod’s Atlantic Shore. Widely regarded as one of America's leading nature writers, Robert Finch has lived on Cape Cod since 1971. He has published seven books of essays, is co-editor of The Norton Book of Nature Writing, and a second collection of his weekly radio commentaries on WCAI the local NPR affiliate. Finch twice received the prestigious Edward R. Murrow Award for Radio Writing

A Holiday Break with Jim & Friends


Having "Jingle Bells" overload?  Enjoy some American Songbook selections—along with a few seasonal favorites—from a host of talented vocalists!  Pianist and composer Jim Brosseau accompanies the best of Provincetown's singers in a program of Christmastime and all-time classics.  Refreshments will be served.

Resident Art Opening

Many Provincetown artists make their home in The Residences at Seashore Point. Among them are white-line woodblock printer Lorraine Kujawa, sculptor Richard Pepitone, collagist Carol Procter, painter & sculptor Connie Tavanis, artist Marilyn Lober-Colucci and several others. To celebrate Holly Folly and the Inn Tour, and just in time for the holidays, we will open an show of their works in the same exhibition space that has recently hosted shows by Kenneth Stubbs, Robert Henry, Selina Trieff, Arthur Cohen, Joan Cobb Marsh, and other renowned artists. Refreshments will be served. Please join us!

The Whistler by Stephen Collins

Butterfly” written by playwright Carl A. Rossie, is a one man show about the life and times of James McNeill Whistler, the volatile American Artist who struggled mostly in Victorian England for personal expression in the arts and artistic freedom. The play depicts Whistler at two phases of his life: first as a bankrupt artist in his forties in Venice on commission and then as the established but lonely legend in his sixties in London. Met with rave reviews for over a decade, Mr. Collins' performances deliver not just the poetry and plays, but they bring poets and playwrights to life on the stage.  Refreshments will be served.


Michelle Crone and Jeanette de Beauvoir join us again here at The Residences for an evening of Trivia!

Put on your thinking caps and join us for an evening of fun, community building and friendly competition while brushing up on art, music, sports, history, facts about Cape Cod…we are covering all bases!  You may come as a team or join in individually.  Door prizes for lucky winners!

Wild Care Cape Cod Presentation!

Join Jennifer Taylor, Animal Care Coordinator and Wildlife Rehabilitator, with Wild Care Cape Cod in Eastham for a fascinating and educational presentation about the organization’s work.

Wild Care Cape Cod’s mission is to help sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife through wildlife rehabilitation; to reduce the number of animals impacted by human activity through educational outreach; and to help protect the species and the ecosystems they represent through advocacy and conservation.

Jennifer will share videos, photos and stories of the animals they have treated and we may even have surprise visits with a Screech Owl and Eastern Box Turtle!


Join us at The Residences at Seashore Point for a discussion of Stephen Sondheim’s shattering torch song to youth and illusion—Follies from 1971. It was ahead of its time then, and it’s a classic today! Hear numbers from the original cast, including Alexis Smith and Dorothy Collins. 

Michael Casey, host of the musical theater program 'Footlights' on WOMR will be presenting this discussion. 


CJAZZ! Sunday • October 22 • 3pm Hatches Harbor Room The Cape Conservatory CJazz program enables young musicians a chance to play jazz standards just like professionals on a bandstand. Comfortable with improvisation, performing in a recital, and having fun while they play, CJazz ensembles play all styles of jazz—bebop, swing, Latin, 3/4, smooth, and standards. These groups have performed concerts and even at Governor Baker’s inaugural celebration. Join us as this talented group of students performs: Lucy Pollock on sax, Keb Hutchings-McMahon on guitar, Patrick Igoe on bass, and Olivia Cooper on drums. Program Director Bart Weisman is the bandleader, and is a well-known Cape Cod jazz musician and concert producer.

Black and White Party

Please join us at The Residences at Seashore Point to ring in the fall season with a fun and festive dance party with light refreshments and hors d’oeuvres.  MIKE DUMAS and THE SATELLITE BAND will be performing!  The Mike Dumas Band has performed all over the United States and now calls Cape Cod home. Most performances are within the greater Northeast, but you are likely to find this band anywhere in the winter months ... from Stowe, VT to Key West, FL.

The Generations Project

The Generations Project is coming back to Ptown after its first live LGBT storytelling event called the “The Ptown History Show” that took place at the Crown and Anchor in July.  Join The Generations Project in its grassroots efforts to bridge the gap between LGBT people of all ages by attending a “Coffee Morning Mixer” at The Residences at Seashore Point.  Come mingle with The Generations Project community and LGBT people of all ages as they present short videos of their NYC based intergenerational programming and expansion to Provincetown.  In honor of Women’s Week, The Generations Project will be conducting filmed interviews after the “Coffee Morning Mixer” with interested LGBT people who have lived in Provincetown for “a substantial amount of time.”  Women, men, and gender nonconforming persons are welcomed to attend.  A special acknowledgement will be made to the ladies in the room!  FREE for all ages.

Jim Broussard - Landscapes & Street Scenes

Hatches Harbor Exhibitions presents - Jim Broussard Landscapes & Street Scenes

Opening - Sunday, October 8th, 2pm

A glance, a familiar view, a pattern of shadow on the street, an instant that jogs the memory - these are the evocative inspirations Jim Broussard uses to make his paintings.  "I head out for the day with an easel...not returning until the paintings are complete.  To evoke a feeling or make a connection through my work is less an exercise in intellect than an experience which invites the viewer to pause,"  he says.  A plein air painter, Jim Broussard's work has shown in Boston, and Oils by the Sea gallery represents him in Provincetown.  His work resides in serveral private collections in the U.S., Europe and Canada.  This exhibition is a collaboration between The Residences at Seashore Point and Oils by the Sea Gallery, and includes talk by gallerist Shirl Roccapriore.  Join us for a reception to mark the occassion! 

Registration is appreciated but not required.

Argentine Tango Workshop

Learn how to Tango from the area's most sought-after teachers - Anita Flejter and Hernan Brizuela.  With their unique approach and teaching methodology, you will be dancing the Tango like a pro...could you be the next winner of the Miraball?  Participation is not required, please feel free to come and watch! 

Open House: The Residences of Seashore Point

OPEN HOUSE:  The Residences at Seashore Point

Come visit to tour the variety of one & two bedroom condominiums available in our 55+ Condominium Community- Concierge Living in the Heart of Provincetown.

A floor plan to suit every lifestyle.

Provincetown and the Birth of the American Theater

In 1915 two married couples vacationing in Provincetown wrote a performed original plays on the veranda of their ocean front cottage. The American theater was never the same. This unassuming performance was the beginning of the Provincetown Players, a theater company most well-known for launching the careers of Pulitzer Prize and Nobel Prize winning dramatists Eugene O'Neil and Susan Glaspell as well as for presenting works that not only experimented with expressionistic, futuristic, and surrealistic forms but also examined important political and social issues.

Beth Wynstra teaches courses in American Drama, Acting, Modernism, and Rhetoric at Babson College.

The History Project

The History Project — established in 1980 by a group of historians, activists and archivists — is the only group focused exclusively on preserving the history of Boston’s LGBT community, and on making that history accessible to future generations. This research and preservation is of paramount importance for the LGBT community, which is often excluded from history. In fact, some historians —whether deliberately or negligently— have taken steps to hide or obscure the nature of those contributions.

Neal Kane is a long-standing board member of The History Project, one of the nation’s leading LGBT history organizations.

Swim Seashore Point

Join members of the Swim for Life Team and members of the Seashore Point Community for a celebratory kick off and reception for the 30th Swim for Life.  Our own Mark Boucher (swimmer) and Jan Kelly (volunteer) will inspire you with stories of their own involvement with an event which defines Provincetown’s community spirit.

Reception to follow.

Ella Fitzgerald: Still Going Strong at 100

The First Lady of Song would have been 100 in April 2017- yet her music and her style are still known and still loved by generations.

Join the Boston Conservatory’s Chris Caggiano- a devoted scholar of the American Songbook, in a loving investigation of Ella’s life and legacy.  You’ll leave humming.  

Christopher Caggiano teaches theater courses in musical theater history and musical theater dance history and liberal arts courses in arts criticism at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee.

Mar-A-Lago: From Marjorie Merriweather Post to Donald Trump

What do President Trump, Post Cereal, actress Dina Merrill and the Hutton family have in common? All of them have a direct connection to the magnificent Mar-A-Lago mansion in Palm Beach, Florida. Richard René Silvin will take the audience back in time, and explore the twists and turns in the history of this unique property.

Richard René Silvin is author and lecturer, who is best known as an expert on Wallis Simpson, the Duchess of Windsor, Palm Beach society architect, Addison Mizner, and the 1930s French Line flagship, SS Normandie.

Making Sense of the Contemporary Art Market:  A Discussion of the current market for Post-War & Contemporary Art

Including recent trends, record prices, and as-yet undervalued categories

Ingrid Dudek is a Director of Contemporary Art at Bonhams, based in New York.

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